Sony is Concentrating its Efforts on Large Publishers for the Next Generation

According to The Wall Street Journal, Sony has been making a big push to strengthen their relationships with big publishes for next gen.

June 29, 2019

The next generation PlayStation is nothing close to a secret as of now. Just a few months ago, the major video game corporation had an exclusive interview seemingly out of nowhere to go over some broad topics such as some vague specs, the inclusion of an SSD, as well as it being backward compatible with PS4 titles and the PSVR headset. Well, now we have a little bit more information on where the companies focus is for their next console.

According to Takashi Mochizuki from The Wall Street Journal, Sony has been concentrating their attention to large software publishers for the release of the next PlayStation. This is not a big surprise since the whole schtick of the PS4 was about games, games, games, and that console has gone on to break records sales wise. So, I would assume that they would make a big push to try to grab some exclusives.


What I did find interesting from the WSJ report was that executives at smaller game studios have stated that they have felt “snubbed” by Sony in contrast to Nintendo. Nintendo has learned pretty heavily into the indie market since the release of the Switch and has been supporting events to showcase indie game studios.

According to a Sony official, Sony is still welcoming indie titles, but their major focus is on strengthening their relationships with larger publishers first. Coming from the Sony official, the thinking is that people buy consoles to play high-quality games only available on that platform, not smaller ones that are also available on smartphones.

From what I am reading so far, Sony won’t be trying to mix up the formula with the release of the presumably titled PS5. The strategy of being all about games worked for the PS4. So, why fix what isn’ broken?

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