Sony Confirms PlayStation VR is Being Sold at a Profit

Sony Confirms PlayStation VR is Being Sold at a Profit

With its release this week, millions of PS4 owners now have the opportunity to dive into virtual reality with PlayStation VR and a wide selection of games, with Sony having confirmed that the headset is being sold at a profit for the company.

Speaking in an interview with Polygon, Sony Interactive Entertainment World Studios chairman Shawn Layden said that “We’re making money on the VR console” in regard to the price of PlayStation VR and whether sales would return a profit for the company, or be sold at a loss.

While Layden didn’t provide more specific details, the statement does check out with previous comments from former Sony developer relations executive Adam Boyes, who explained to GameSpot that “every device we’ve sold since PlayStation 4 has been in the black.”

In the case of most consoles, typically hardware is initially sold at a loss (or “in the red”) to get consoles into the hands of consumers and the remaining margins to be made up in software sales, though Boyes’s and Layden’s statements seem to point that Sony’s sales of hardware this generation have instead reared toward profits for the company rather than losses.

PlayStation VR is now available for PS4 devices.