Sony Denies Hirai Replacing Stringer as President

on January 9, 2012 10:15 AM

Between the Last Guardian debacle, Forbes getting all bent out of shape over the Vita’s launch sale numbers, and the crap show that is the SOPA saga, I’m about to go record my own “Leave Sony alone!” video. And now here’s another chip to add to the pile.

Last week reports went out via a story in Nikkei Business Daily that the company had named Kaz Hirai as Sir Howard Stringer’s replacement as company president, effective as early as April. Yesterday Sony released a statement denying this, stating that no decisions had been made regarding the rearrangement of their senior management structure, although Stringer has reportedly decided to step down.

“Sony Corporation has made no announcement in this regard and nothing has been determined at this time,” said a company spokesman.


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