Sony Outright Denies Rumor That It's Looking to Purchase Take-Two

You're now free to officially dash any thoughts of Sony buying Take-Two.

Yesterday, the Internet was set ablaze when a rumor seemingly stemming from one investment firm stated that Sony might be looking to purchase Take-Two Interactive Software. A few hours after the story began making the rounds on various websites like our own, it became apparent that the root source of the rumor was founded in speculation more so than anything factual.

Now, Sony has taken things one step further today to make it apparent that this entire story was absolutely false. In a new quote given to Venture Beat, a spokesperson for the company outright stated, “we do not know where the rumor is coming from, but there is no such plan.”

It’s worth noting that it’s rare for companies to ever comment on matters like this publicly, which should speak volumes as to how false this rumor of Sony looking to buy Take-Two was to begin with. As of this writing, Take-Two itself still hasn’t publicly commented on the matter, which is pretty standard, but Sony did them a favor by outright ending the outlandish talking point in its tracks.

In a year where there have already been a lot of crazy rumors in the gaming industry–the possibility of Xbox Game Pass coming to Switch–it was fun to briefly imagine how the industry would shift if Sony were to buy a gargantuan company like Take-Two. For now though, those thoughts, hopes, and dreams will have to stay in your head, because this Sony and Take-Two saga ends right here.

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