Sony Dev: Studio Affected by Layoffs Fine Tuning for the Better; Comments on Morpheus PC Support

Sony Dev: Studio Affected by Layoffs Fine Tuning for the Better; Comments on Morpheus PC Support

Yesterday Sony Computer Entertainment Europe confirmed layoffs at Evolution Studios, Guerrilla Cambridge and SCE London Studio, and many wondered about the reasons for such a move. Today NeoGAF member DemonNite, who is known to be a developer at Sony and in touch with the situation, gave a bit more insight on it.

Another user expressed what he feels about the layoffs:

I think all these layoffs prove one thing, that there was a lot of bloat within Sony WWS. They need to become a well oiled machine for this gen and I suppose the layoffs are part of the process to achieve that goal. Sony have been synonymous with over-promising and under-delivering in the PS3 era. They can’t afford to repeat that this gen, so they need fine tune every studio for the better. I hope those affected can get back on their feet too.

Interestingly enough DemonNite confirmed:

And this is exactly what is happening to one of those studios affected.

He also had something to say about the chance for Sony’s Project Morpheus to support PC now that Oculus Rift has been purchased by Facebook. While he doesn’t know if PC support will come or not, he did confirm that first party games will remain PS4 exclusive.

I think it would be a cool move (I don’t know if they will or not).

Exclusive “first party” VR software though will always stay on PS4 obviously, which I think could be a game changer.

That also indirectly confirms that Sony’s first parties are indeed going to work on actual games for Morpheus, and not just demos like we’ve seen so far leaving the bulk of development in the hands of indie studios.

One thing is for sure: while it’s definitely painful to see developers lose their job, the waves of layoffs that hit Sony’s studios do seem to mean that the company is looking into fine tuning its development pipeline into a well oiled, agile machine. We’ll have to wait and see the results in the next year or so.