Sony Developer to Microsoft Executive: “You Won the Games, We Won the Gamers”; 1,000 People Working on Xbox One

Sony Developer to Microsoft Executive: “You Won the Games, We Won the Gamers”; 1,000 People Working on Xbox One

“Friendly” banter isn’t anything new in the video game industry, but at times it can arguably hold some truth. During an AMA (Ask me Anthing) on Reddit a developer working on Xbox One, that remained anonymous but verified his identity with the moderators, shared a funny little detail coming straight from E3 when asked about the reaction at Microsoft to the outcry from the fans following the press conferences:

It was quite moot. One of our execs had mentioned a Sony dev came up to him at E3 and told him you won the games, we won the gamers.

Many do feel that Microsoft did show a stronger line-up of games at E3, but Sony Managed to catch a runaway victory with the price of the console and the stance against DRM and always online policies.

The unnamed developer also mentioned that the team working on Xbox One is huge, counting about 1000 people, and gave us an interesting description of what life is like in the Xbox team.

The team is huge, almost 1000 people. Most people in Microsoft have their own offices, it’s the way Microsoft have been since it started. For the Xbox team however, we have mostly large open spaces (thank Bungie for that), with the most senior people having their own offices. The average time employed at Microsoft to get your own office in the Xbox team is about 10 years. The division provides us free of charge a 24hour snack bar, dinner every day, and breakfast and lunch on the weekends if we choose to come in. In addition to that the team provides additional sustenance and booze whenever we all get together and show off what we did in the past couple weeks. There’s no way I can throw in 60 hours/week for the long term if the environment was overly stressful.

Almost every subgroup within the team works on something that is related to the Kinect in some way. I personally come in contact with 4 or 5 different subgroups in a day.

In addition to that we learn that the console runs very quiet (“Almost inaudible”), and admittedly it has inferior specs compared to the PS4, even if by how much remains debatable. We also learn that Kinect costs almost as much as the console itself to manufacture.

Finally the developer confirmed once more that the “family sharing” function planned for the Xbox One and then scrapped after the 180 on DRM involved full games, and not just glorified demos as some argued. I can say that as much as I really disliked the original version of the policies, losing this feature does sting a little bit.