Sony Did a "Rather Extraordinary Job" with the PS4 According to Former Luminous and Fox Engine Lead

During a masterclass conference held at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie in Paris, that DualShockers attended, former Square Enix and Konami Technology Director Julien Merceron mentioned that during his time at Square Enix, he was asked to take part in the development of the PS4.

At that moment, Sony Computer Entertainment realized that one of Microsoft’s big advantages on Xbox and Xbox 360 was creating a very strong relationship with developers, and to really try to work together with them. On the other hand, Sony was too protective, and their sources of insight were mostly the internal development teams, under the supervision of the Japanese management.

Mark Cerny was designated by Sony to work on the architecture, and he wanted to get the feedback from a wider group of developers, so Merceron was not the only one involved. There was someone from Electronic Arts, someone from Activision, someone from Ubisoft and more. There were a few – not many – involved in the important elements of the PS4’s architecture. Everyone brought his own experience with the games he was working on.

They talked a lot about the network, because Sony was behind in that compared to its main competitor. They also discussed about specs related to the quality of the immersion they wished to deliver. Memory was also talked about, as, whether it was to be used for social features, or graphics, or animation, more RAM was needed to manage more things, and to start creating more open and convincing experiences.

They also discussed about the cost of processors, the number of cores, the level of hardware technology, and what suppliers were able to manufacture back then.

According to Merceron, Sony Computer Entertainment did a rather extraordinary job on the creation of the PS4.

The Video Game masterclass event in Paris was organized by Jeux Vidéo Magazine and Cité des Sciences.

[On-Location Reporting and Translation: Morgane Bouvais]

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