Sony Disabling Stream Archives of Until Dawn from PS4; Twitch Reaching Out “to Hopefully Enable”

on August 27, 2015 8:11 AM

Many have been looking forward to the PS4-exclusive Until Dawn for quite some time even harkening back to the game’s original introduction as a Move-enabled PS3 title, and after releasing this week the game has garnered very positive critical praise: however, seeking out past broadcasts and livestreams of the game may be a little difficult at the moment.

Twitch detailed that Sony is currently disabling archived livestreams of Until Dawn coming specifically from the PS4’s built-in Twitch app, meaning those looking for past broadcasts and livestreams from specific channels won’t be able to view archived versions of those streams.

Normally, broadcasts through Twitch will automatically create an archived version once a stream has ended allowing users to go back and view a livestream they may have missed: however, in this case Sony has disabled the feature for those using the PS4’s Twitch app in the “Share” functionality.

While streaming directly from a PS4 seems to be blocking the ability to create archives of Until Dawn broadcasts, those using third-party streaming solutions seem to be able to create archived streams normally, such as using a capture card or third-party software like OBS or XSplit.

Twitch in the meantime is reaching out to Sony to see if the company can “hopefully enable” for viewers to enjoy all that Until Dawn has to offer through users broadcasting their terrifying experiences.

Until Dawn is available now for PS4.

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