Sony Discontinues in Japan All But One PS4 Model – Including All PS4 Pro Models – To Focus on PS5 [Update]

Sony Discontinues in Japan All But One PS4 Model – Including All PS4 Pro Models – To Focus on PS5 [Update]

Only the 500GB PS4 Slim will still be produced. All PS4 Pro models have been discontinued by Sony to focus on PS5 manufacturing.

Update: Famitsu, after contacting Sony, specified that this concerns Japan, and the PS4 Pro has actually been discontinued since September 2020 in Japan. Sony also commented through Famitsu: “We will continue to ship the standard PS4 and continue to focus on our business with PS4 software and peripherals.” “We have not disclosed details regarding our production lines, but we have switched our production focus to PS5”.

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On January 5, Sony Interactive Entertainment announced it discontinued all but one PS4 model, including all PS4 Pro models. This official announcement (shared by Game Watch) follows reports from a few hours ago, explaining a Japanese shop stated multiple PS4 models could not be restocked anymore.

Sony explained almost every PS4 Slim models (CUH-2000 series), and all PS4 Pro models (CUH-7000 series), have been discontinued. The only PS4 model that will keep being produced by Sony is the standard black 500GB PS4 Slim. The original model of the PS4 has already been discontinued a while back, and the “PS4” in circulation now is actually the PS4 Slim.

The PS4 Pro was first launched in November 2016. So it has been discontinued after only four years.

Needless to say, this doesn’t mean you won’t find the PS4 Pro anymore starting tomorrow. However, the PS4 Pro will slowly but surely become more scarce as retailers sell their remaining stocks.

PS5, since its launch on November 12, 2020, is having a shortage worldwide. By discontinuing PS4 models, Sony aims to redirect its production lines to PS5 to answer the demand. Resellers worldwide have been stockpiling and selling PS5 consoles to those who absolutely want one. The Xbox Series X is in a similar situation. Both consoles supposedly made over 28 million to scalpers on Ebay alone.

Certain territories such as Japan are hit particularly bad with the lack of PS5 stock, so the console isn’t selling much there. Needless to say, the pandemic is also to blame. However, it’s also important to note the console market has shrunk considerably in Japan when compared to the mobile market. Moreover, Sony’s own strategy reflected that as well, and PS5 marketing was clearly not aimed at Japan. Several of the showcase streams for the console were held extremely late at night in JST, for example.

While consoles historically rarely have a rich launch games-wise, PS5 is having it particularly rough because of the pandemic. I’d personally say only the Demon’s Souls remake and a small handful of games could make the console worth it at the moment.