Sony Doesn’t Want Any Modding For PlanetSide 2

on November 29, 2012 11:41 AM

Modding has become a big part of gaming in recent years, with fans tweaking their favorite games, no matter what the genres. Even other MMO titles have strong modding communities including a rather large one for World of Warcraft UI mods. Sony however doesn’t want any sort of UI changes or overlays for players of it’s new MMOFPS, Planetside 2 and will ban those that try. In an effort to prevent cheating or unfair advantages in a game that relies on skill more than RPG elements, SOE has drawn a line in the sand.

It’s important to note the followup made after the announcement, that non-PlanetSide 2 related overlays will still be allowed, such as those used by VoIP clients like Mumble, and video capture programs like Fraps. This ban only applies to programs that would affect the game itself. While harsh, it’s unlikely to have too much effect on the community, the real question will be if Sony can catch violators, as a few cheating players could ruin people’s fun very easily in a game that is nothing but PvP.

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