Sony is Finally Ending PlayStation 2 Customer Service and Repairs

Owners of PlayStation 2s will have to fend for themselves if their console needs repair, as Sony is finally ending support for the archaic platform.

on September 4, 2018 1:54 PM

With a lifespan of nearly two decades behind it, Sony is finally saying farewell to the PlayStation 2. Sony Japan earlier this year told local PS2 owners to request any needed final console repairs by August 31, giving customers until September 7 to send in their systems.

Even so, Sony Japan warns in their support page that repairs may not even be possible due to a shortage of parts. PS2 owners will now have to fend for themselves if they want to fix their classic console devices. Considering that the PS2 ended production all the way back in 2012, it is a surprise that support even continued for this long.

Sony recently celebrated a landmark 500 million PlayStation units sold with a blue translucent PlayStation 4 Pro—with sales of over 158 million, the PlayStation 2 alone is responsible for a chunk of that number, being the best-selling console of all time. Those nostalgic for the PS2 can now play classics on their PS4, courtesy of the PlayStation Now streaming service.

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