Sony Europe Releases Dust 514 Hardware Bundles

on December 22, 2012 6:05 PM

If you just can’t get enough of CCP Games’ Dust 514 and it’s sister game EVE Online then Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has a new way to take your money! The new packages contain a standard ear clip headset, a larger stereo headset, and a wireless keyboard. While functionally the same as any other headset or keyboard, they do have a Dust 514 logo on them, and come with voucher codes for ingame items and rewards, which is likely what many players will be wanting.

The wireless keyboard has a retail price of £19.99, the smaller headset is at £24.99 and the larger stereo headset can be yours for only £74.99. All three are now available in all PAL territories, primarily Europe and Australia for those Americans like me who had to look that one up to be sure. No word on when we might see them here in the US. Check out the list below to see the ingame rewards being offered.

  • 5,000 AUR (Ingame Currency)
  • One week skill booster
  •  Permanent Daemon Shotgun
  •  50x HK4M Shotgun
  • 50x Hacked Drop Uplink
  • 50x Fused Locus Grenade
  • 50x Myofibril Stimulant (Melee Booster)
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