Sony Exec Talks About Shuhei Yoshida the Gamer, How he Platinumed Bloodborne, His Passion and More

Sony Exec Talks About Shuhei Yoshida the Gamer, How he Platinumed Bloodborne, His Passion and More

Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida is a friendly and ever-smiling favorite among the PlayStation community, but he’s also a big gamer, and Software Product Development Head Scott Rhode gave some interesting details on this side of his boss during the latest episode of the PlayStation BlogCast.

The chat was going on about Bloodborne, when Rhode started talking about Yoshida-san’s passion for gaming:

“And you know, our fearless leader, Shuhei Yoshida, has platinumed the game, already. For anyone who doubts that he’s a gamer, he’s a gamer.

That is not an easy game to platinum, I don’t see that as something in my future. He did it quickly, he’s very proud of it. Just to add to his charm, I think when he tweeted it, he called it the Plutonium Trophy… I just love it, right?”

He’s a huge gamer and this is one of his favorite series of all time, He was so excited.

“He was into it, and I think it’s great. I said it a number of times. It’s why I work here, you know? Having a boss that loves games as much as my boss does is why I work here. End of story.

It’s funny. When we see each other, which is dozens of times a year, we typically aren’t sitting in front of a game, playing a game, unless we’re both looking at a game that’s in development.

So that typically doesn’t happen, but what does happen is if we’re just eating dinner, especially if it’s just the two of us, we don’t talk about anything but games.

I guess we both have children and family and other things, but we’re talking about every game that we consider playing, or “did you see this” or “did you see that…”

Asked about a recent game they talked about, Rhode answered:

“It really doesn’t matter. You can talk about the latest iPhone game… I know what I’m gonna talk to him about next time: one of the things I also dabbled this week, I have never gotten into playing Heartstone…

And because it came out relatively recently on iPhone as opposed to just iPad, I was on the train yesterday, going up to visit a developer, and I was like: “Oh yeah, I have Heartstone here. I haven’t tried it yet.” And so totally enjoyed it.

That’s the kind of thing we’ll talk about. We’ll talk about what works in the game, how it’s very accessible and how it’s so fun to open a pack.It’s just really fun to do that, as long as you make it exciting.”

If you’re wondering what developer Rhode visited, it’s a mystery, but considering the train ride (going “up”) and the fact that he’s based in San Diego, it could be Naughty Dog or Sony Santa Monica in Los Angeles, but of course this is just my personal speculation.

Theory-crafting aside, Yoshida-san’s enthusiasm for gaming is always refreshing.

It’s nice to know that we’re in a console generation in which those at the top of the major console manufacturers all have strong ties with gaming. Like Yoshida-san, Microsoft Phil Spencer is a big gamer, while Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata was known as a genius coder during the era of the NES and Super NES.