Sony Executive Explains Why PS4 Pro Has 8 GB of RAM; Talks Guidelines for Developers

on September 10, 2016 1:45 PM

As time goes on, more information about the PS4 Pro and the philosophy behind its creation are filtering through the grapevine. Masayasu Ito, who leads Sony Interactive Entertainmet Engineering Division, talked about it in an interview on 4Gamer.

First of all, Ito-san explained while the memory was not increased from 8 gigabytes. He mentioned that a change in memory capacity would push studios to develop in compliance with that larger memory pool, and this could cause compatibility problems. Due to that, Sony decided to keep the RAM at 8 GB.

He also clarified that the new development guidelines for PS4 include two very important points: “do not develop games especially for the PS4 Pro,” and “do not develop games especially for the PS4.”

That said, the rules aren’t very demanding, as Sony asks simply to provide graphics settings appropriate to the standard PS4 and to the PS4 Pro respectively, but even the part about the PS4 Pro’s graphics setting is rather flexible.

Ito-san also mentioned that while the PS4 and PS4 Pro will provide two different levels of performance, the community remains one. In relation to competitive multiplayer gameplay, developers are specifically asked not to give advantages to PS4 Pro users.

That said, the interviewer asked about the possibility of being able to better recognize distant enemies due to the higher resolution, and Ito-san admitted that the possibility exists. Yet, the fine-tuning is left to the judgement of the developers. As long as the frame-rate in multiplayer is the same, the guidelines don’t get to the point of dictating every little detail.

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