Sony Executives Talk E3 Press Conference, God of War, Spider-Man and More: "Surprise and Delight"

During PlayStation’s E3 live coverage, Sony Interactive Entertainment Software Development Head Scott Rohde and VP of Third Party Relations Adam Boyes talked about the games presented at the press conference on Monday.

Rohde mentioned that the press conference was a dream came true for him, because two years of not being able to talk about all these studios were working now is now “all out there.”

He explained that there’s a deep story to Sony Bend’s Days Gone, and it’s at least partially inspired by World War Z, even if the tech that has the freakers crawl on top of each other was created a long time ago.

Boyes mentioned that seeing God of War and the interaction between father and son, as father himself, is so powerful to him. That, on top of the combat, made him “nerd out” as a fan.

Rohde continued by mentioning that the story is a very important part of the new God of War. The team, and Creative Director Cory Barlog really wanted to “pull out that emotion,” and to show a different side of Kratos.

“It’s so exciting to see this all come together. I’m so proud to see what the team has done.”

He then explained that it was “so fun to watch Cory lead the charge for Kratos’ evolution.”

Boyes then explained that having Star Wars, Batman and Resident Evil in virtual reality marks a new era for VR.

“We have been dabbling, but now it’s here, and it’s here in a massive way.”

He also mentioned that he feels that the theme in general for the E3 press conference was “surprise and delight.” According to him predictability was “out of the door,” so they shook things up by bringing an orchestra, and they tried to surprise the audience at every corner.

Talking about VR, Rohde feels that Farpoint “is such a great experience.” When he first tried the demo and he came against a giant alien spider, it felt like standing under a 747.

According to boyes, with the fifty games coming to PlayStation VR at launch, “it’s gonna be bonkers.”

Rohde then moved to talking about Horizon: Zero Dawn:

“It’s going to be fantastic. It’s such a unique mesh of of different worlds, right? I think it’s gonna be spectacular.”

talking about The Last Guardian, Rhode explained that even in his position, he doesn’t know everything. He had heard rumors about the Trico-like creature that appeared on the trailer shown at the press conference, but he didn not really know about it. So he was surprised himself.

He then explained that Spider-Man is one of the first true partnerships between the first and third party segments of the company. Marvel came to Sony’s first party and said that they would love to see one of their properties treated with the preference with which first parties treat their heroes.

From than “the talk just instantly happened” and they thought that insomniac was a perfect fit, even because they already had some current gen tech up and running.

Boyes added that it’s the “perfect marriage” of two groups working together with the same idea in mind.

Interestingly, we also learn that to preserve the secrecy of the titles, both first and third party have code names for them. Spider-man was “I20” for first party and “Popcorn” for third party.

Boyes then explained that bringing Crash Bandicoot back in two different ways is a great homage to the franchise and to the history of Crash. According to him, to be able to bring back the franchise the year after Shenmue 3 and Final Fantasy VII is “a phenomenal thing,” and it’s been “amazing” to work with their partners at Activision.

Rohdes also pointed out that this was the shortest E3 conference they have ever done, but there was “so much in there.”

He then explained that “a lot” went into deciding how to present Detroit: Become Human, as it’s very difficult to present a game where there are eight or nine things that can happen within a single scenario.

Boyes concluded the chat mentioning that it’s great to see developers at E3 celebrating games, and the industry has never been richer across the board.

You can check out the full recording below.

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