Sony Expects PS4 to Remain in Limited Supply Until April, PS UK’s Fergal Gara Says “That’s Our Best Guess”

Sony Expects PS4 to Remain in Limited Supply Until April, PS UK’s Fergal Gara Says “That’s Our Best Guess”

The PS4 has notably sold incredibly well since its launch last November, with reports recently showing that the console has sold over 5.3 million units since its arrival, along with having the distinction of being Sony’s fastest-selling console to date.

In a report between Sony and MCV UK, it seems that the console is performing so well that with retailers constantly selling out of stock, the company states that it expects the console will remain in “limited supply” for the remainder of the winter, and should be able to make more console shipments to meet demands around April.

Speaking with MCV UK, PlayStation UK/Ireland boss Fergal Gara spoke to the outlet and detailed that the PS4 has greatly exceeded the company’s sales expectations, with the company hoping to address its limited supplies by early spring. Gara mentioned for the PS4’s supply numbers:

“I can’t work it out precisely. But based on what I’ve seen so far, I think it is going to be tricky until around about April. You might get a fortnight or a week here or there where it is more available, but we should be back to free supply by about April. That’s our best guess. It might be a little earlier than that, or it might be a little later. But we’ll get there.”

In addition, Gara also provided some comments on reactions to the console’s sales numbers so far, and reflects on the company’s success this time around with its latest console:

“PS4 pre-orders were obviously a strong indicator of what was going to happen, but they were so big that we were pinching ourselves and wondering if people were pre-ordering in more than one place, and if some of these pre-orders were real.”

“We were getting numbers we never imagined, let alone seen before. But it proved to be real. How do I reconcile that? I think the world has changed since we launched PS3.”

“The price differential between PS3 and PS4 is not nearly as a big as it was between PS2 and PS3. But you are also talking about a public that has become used to regular technology upgrades on reasonably expensive devices, likes tablets and smartphones. So there is a comfort level with upgrading that meant consumers were ready earlier and there was a pent-up demand that we couldn’t anticipate. It’s been a pleasant surprise.”