Sony Fans Want Bloodborne PC Port to Counter Microsoft's Activision Purchase

January 19, 2022

Yesterday was quite an eventful day in the gaming industry, as Microsoft shocked everyone by announcing that it has acquired Activision Blizzard for a whopping $67B dollar and now fans want Sony to release Bloodborne’s PC port.

The console wars were dominated totally by PlayStation in the PS4-Xbox One era, and while initial numbers show that the PlayStation 5 is well ahead of the Xbox Series S/X, it should be noted that Xbox has seriously ramped up its game in the current generation.

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Microsoft incorporated a different strategy for Xbox, and unlike Sony, we didn’t see a plethora of exclusives to attract consumers. Instead, we witnessed Microsoft putting all its focus on the Game Pass, which has turned out to be quite a success, to say the least. We witnessed a number of leading AAA games arriving on day one as well, and there are some more interesting releases this year as well.

Sony Fans Want Bloodborne PC Port to Counter Microsoft’s Activision Purchase

After yesterday’s announcement, social media has been totally on fire. Many believe that Microsoft will end up acquiring Sony as well, which is sort of ridiculous. However, considering how things have been for Microsoft lately, it isn’t too far-fetched for a layman to speculate.

Amidst the announcement, fans are speculating what Sony’s next move will be. This led to a new social media trend, where Bloodborne was trending on Twitter. Fans believe that Sony must announce Bloodborne for PC to counter Microsoft’s mind-boggling deal.

Well, Bloodborne on PC has been amidst rumors for a long time now, so it won’t be that surprising to see it released on PC. Not to forget, games like God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn have had massive success on PC, turning out to be one of the biggest releases. Considering the latest announcement wiped off $20Billion from Sony’s market share, it would make sense for Sony to bring its first-party titles to PC reclaim its market share. Whether that actually happens remains to be seen.

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