Sony Files Mysterious “Sangeki no Sanso” Trademark in Japan

Sony Files Mysterious “Sangeki no Sanso” Trademark in Japan

On July 29th Sony Computer Entertainment filed for a rather interesting trademark with the Japanese Patent and Trademark Office.

The trademark filed in class 9  (games),  is “Sangeki no Sanso,” which literally means “Mountain Villa of Tragedy.” The obvious connection to make would be with the horror title Until Dawn, which is indeed set into a mountain villa, and from what I got to try at Gamescom is quite tragic (hilariously so at times). It’s easy to think that Sangeki no Sanso could be the Japanese title of Until Dawn,  but there’s a little twist to this plot:

“Until Dawn” got its own trademark filed in Japan just the day before, so why filing for both, and why not at the same time?

At the moment it’s impossible to know for sure. Sangeki no Sanso could be some kind of tagline (but it’s strange that it’d be filed separately),  some sort of connected experience, or for what we know it could even be entirely separate.  It’s not that Sony Japan is new to horror games, after all.

We’ll probably know more when Until Dawn will be officially announced for the Japanese market.