Sony Files New Trademark Fuelling Knack 3 Speculations

March 28, 2022

Sony might be gearing to launch a new Knack game, a franchise that has had received quite a polarizing reception from the community.

If you are an avid PlayStation fan, you might have definitely heard about the Knack games. The first game was a launch title for the PlayStation 4, and for that very reason, people had a lot of expectations from it. The game did quite well and sold almost a whopping 2 million copies back in the day, but the number was not reflective of public opinion. With a Metacritic rating of 54%, Knack is undoubtedly one of the most badly rated PlayStation exclusives we have seen. There were a number of reasons why players didn’t enjoy the game, and they were justified to an extent as well, with the lackluster gameplay being the primary concern.

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Any other developer would just ditch a new IP if it got such a reception, but Sony rose to the occasion and took fan feedback positively to develop a sequel. It did improve on a wide range of aspects from the first game, and this time around fans were more receptive about the title. Now it seems like Sony is all set to release another title in the franchise, as per a recent development.

Sony Files New Trademark Fuelling Knack 3 Speculations

Sony has filed a new trademark for the Knack franchise. This is quite a surprising development considering the fact that hardly anyone would have expected that Sony is working on a new Knack game. And while it remains to be seen how fans will react to this, it doesn’t seem to be a bad move as such.

Knack 2 was already a much better game as compared to its predecessor, and if Sony is taking the decision to release a sequel, we can be pretty sure that it is going to make some significant changes yet again. With the PlayStation 5’s hardware prowess, we can witness some new gameplay mechanics which could elevate the franchise to a new level. With a trademark already being filed, we should expect an announcement pretty soon.

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