Sony Finally Announces PlayStation VR’s Price and Release Window

Sony Finally Announces PlayStation VR’s Price and Release Window

During a media event at Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Sony Computer Entertainment finally gave more precise information on the availability and price of PlayStation VR.


The headset will be released in October 2016 for $399, €399, £349 and 44,980 yen.

Sony kept the price and release date of PlayStation VR as one of its most closely guarded secrets during the past few months, but now you can finally make an informed decision on whether you’ll jump on virtual reality at launch or not.

By comparison, Valve’s HTC Vive will cost $799, while Oculus Rift will take $599 out of your wallet. In a rare example of symmetry, there are exactly $200 setting the three headsets apart.

Sony Computer Entertainment President Andrew House also mentioned that a new media player supporting virtual reality will be launched at the same time as the headset, and over fifty games will be released from October to the end of the year, including The PlayRoom VR, which will come for free with PlayStation VR.


House also mentioned that Sony intentionally designed the visor in a style that reduces the pressure on the player’s face, and the company’s engineers have reduced the weight of materials to make the headset as light weight as they could.

According to him, the focus was also to offer PlayStation VR as a “great value” to gamers, as Sony firmly believes that the right price is crucial to drive adoption of any new technology. After announcing the price, followed by a round of applause by the media attendees at the event, House said that the package represents “unmatched value for the high quality VR experience” that it offers.

Achieving this price point was “far from an easy task,” House continued,  and was fruit of Sony’s expertise in engineering, design and manufacturing, built over the past two decades of building hardware for the gaming market, with the help of the whole Sony group, which has been designing consumer electronics for nearly seventy years.

Afterwards, he mentioned that the company is proud of the headset’s price point, because it means that more gamers will be able to afford PlayStation VR, and they’re even prouder of the “breakthrough experiences that PlayStation VR will deliver,” and that determined the release window of October 2016 to ensure that the company could offer a “wide breadth of compelling games and content” and produce the volume of hardware necessary to meet demand from gamers worldwide.

On top of that, Sony Computer Entertainment partnered with Electronic Arts to launch a Star Wars Battlefront virtual reality experience available exclusively for its headset.

Update: Following the announcement at the media event, Sony also released a video, showcasing House himself as he summarizes the announcement.

Update 2: if you don’t have a PlayStation Camera, you’ll have to add it to the cost of your investment in PlayStation VR, as it’ll be required, but it won’t be included in the package.

Update 3: if you want to see a lot of images and read the official fact sheet, you can find them here.