Sony Finally Shutting Down PlayStation Mobile

Sony Finally Shutting Down PlayStation Mobile

The PlayStation Mobile service hasn’t exactly been lively lately, and Sony has finally decided to fully pull the plug later this year.

According to a press release sent by the Japanese branch of the house of PlayStation, the storefront will be closed on July 15th.

The service will fully go dark on September 10th with the PlayStation Vita and Android apps becoming scrap bits on your device, and the ability to re-download purchased content also getting removed.

If you want to keep using the content you purchased, you’ll have to download and use it between April 10th and September 10th. As long as the device is connected to the internet, the content will be activated and will stay playable forever as long as it remains installed, without needing the PlayStation Mobile app.

On PlayStation Vita you’ll have to go to Settings -> PSN -> System Activation -> PlayStation Mobile -> Activate between today and September 10th.