Sony Foundation Australia Hosts Twitch Fundraiser to Support Bush Fire Relief Efforts

Sony Foundation Australia Hosts Twitch Fundraiser to Support Bush Fire Relief Efforts

Sony Foundation Australia is hosting a charity Twitch stream from February 1st to 23rd to raise money for the Australian bush fires relief fund.

Starting February and lasting until February 23rd, the charity Sony Foundation Australia will be hosting a Twitch streaming fundraiser event called “Gaming4Life” that will help to support Australian bush fire relief efforts. Specifically the youths affected by the series of devastating fires. They started the event with a $200,000 donation, followed by whatever revenue the streams will raise.

Some PlayStation team members and studios will host gameplay streams to support Sony Foundation Australia’s relief efforts. The full list of Playstation members hosting is below:

February 14 – Media Molecule from 4PM – 6PM (GMT) and the Dreams Community through the day
February 19 – Naughty Dog from 10:30AM – 12:30PM (PT)
February 20 – Insomniac Games’ President and Founder, Ted Price, from 1PM – 2:30PM (PT)
February 21 – Sid Shuman and Shuhei Yoshida team up for a joint stream

According to the official site, “Research shows that following a natural disaster, 27% of children and adolescents suffered moderate or severe PTSD. Natural disasters are a unique form of trauma being distinguished by the loss of one’s local services, social networks, community hall or sports club and opportunities for social gatherings.” Which is the reason why the event is targeting those at risk young people.

Sony isn’t the only company helping out with the cause. Bungie recently ran a T-shirt fundraiser for this same purpose, Bethesda held a 24-hour charity stream to raise money, Humble Bundle released a new bundle that donated all sales to the effort, Ubisoft Australia donated $30,000 directly, and Infinity Ward released an Outback Relief Pack for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and then donated the proceeds.

Even the Overwatch and Apex Legends communities are getting involved — they recently came together to convince the publishers to aid in the relief events by selling special skin for the characters. User WippitGuud at the Overwatch subreddit proposed selling them in a similar vein as they did for the Pink Mercy for breast cancer skin back in May of 2018. Originally selling for $14.99, this Pink Mercy skin would go on to raise $12.7 million dollars for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, making it the largest donation a single corporate partner made to the group at the time.