Sony, From Software Owner Enter "Capital Alliance"

Sony now has nearly two percent ownership in the Kadokawa Company, which owns From Software.

February 4, 2021

Sony is finally one step closer to playing a bigger role in the future of From Software. The Japanese media giant has been given nearly two percent ownership in the Kadokawa Corporation, which owns From Software.

While the name likely won’t be recognizable anywhere else in the world, in Japan, Kadokawa is a household name. The massive media conglomerate is the producer behind multiple anime and manga. Besides owning From Software, the Kadokawa Corporation also owns Spike Chunsoft. The two percent, or specifically, 1.93 percent given to Sony, is part of a “capital alliance” being formed between the two companies.


The cooperation between Sony and the From Software owner was revealed in a financial report from the Kadokawa Corporation, which was translated by Gematsu. While the small stake doesn’t mean Sony can take over Kadokawa’s operations or affect any of its IPs, Kadokawa is looking to benefit. According to the financial report, the deal will let the company utilize Sony’s “global expansion power of animation and consumer games.”

Beyond that, Kadokawa is clearly looking to capitalize on the gaming market. This capital alliance will also let the company fund new game IPs, as well as support its existing franchises.

Hopefully, some of that support from Sony heads straight to From Software. The Dark Souls developer is hard at work on its next game, Elden Ring. Since being revealed at Microsoft’s E3 2019 press conference, the game has remained largely in the dark. Fans that have eagerly been awaiting the title, a collaboration between From Software and Game of Thrones writer George R.R. Martin, are essentially starved for news at this point.

It’s also not clear what this means for console exclusivity of From Software’s games going forward. While Sony doesn’t have a large percentage of ownership in the company, the future may bring the two even closer.


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