Repaired PS4 Pro Returned to Owner With a Gift From Sony

This Reddit user gained a free game from Sony due to coronavirus delays impacting their console repair times.

April 20, 2020

Here’s a cute feel-good post to kickstart your week. A Reddit user found their special edition PS4 struggling with some disc reader issues which of course prompted them to send the console off for repairs. With the coronavirus pandemic still being incredibly prominent across the world, this meant the repairs took a bit longer than expected. Sony sent the repaired console back with a surprise included.

Reddit user, pnut88 shared an image of a letter from Sony Interactive Entertainment on the website, but before we look at the letter let’s learn the story of the console. Through various comments, pnut88 explains that the console was a God of War PS4 Pro which was experiencing disc reader issues. It also cost them (I assume this is in dollars) $164 to repair.

Eventually, after struggling through the pandemic delays, the PS4 Pro was returned, but also included a free boxed copy of MLB: The Show 2020. In additional images that were sent to MP1ST, The game has a sticky note which reads “Enjoy! Sincerely Deric. Also, add me on PSN.” The PSN username is scribbled out to preserve the identity of the employee. Along with that was the letter which thanks pnut88 for their patronage and support. It’s signed by the PlayStation Service Team.

(Image Credit: MP1ST)

Speaking with MP1ST, the user explains that they had not emailed or complained to Sony for the delays, meaning Sony just felt like extending a hand of good faith by offering them a free game. If that wasn’t enough good, happy news for you, there’s more. Reddit user, pnut88 isn’t much of an MLB:  The Show player, and so has offered the game on to another Reddit user who plays MLB: The Show 19 with their wife.

Ahh, what a lovely start to the week!

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