Sony Goes For The Big Brother Approach To Moderating PlanetSide 2

December 9, 2012

There’s nothing quite as startling to a MMO hacker as seeing a GM pop up in front of them, and Sony Online Entertainment is running with just that in Planetside 2. Over the past double XP weekend, GMs have not only been wandering around openly and visibly, but letting people know it via server messages, and even calling out those whom they suspect of cheating. In a game that’s one hundred percent PvP, an aimbot can really ruin things, and Sony has been under a lot of pressure to act.

Some players have taken to the official forums complaining that GMs have caused problems because when visible, they look like other players and are therefore shot with no effect, being invulnerable. Others have speculated this is exactly their goal, and that it somehow allows them to zero in on aimbot programs. After recently publicly outing a hacker named Haruhi and making threats, SOE President John Smedley and company seem to keep turning up the heat. “Use it.. we’ll find you. we’ll find your family. we’ll hunt you down.”

It is also unclear whether this is a temporary spike in moderation, or a permanent heavy handed big brother approach to controlling the game’s players. Smedley has also made claims that SOE is hiring additional GM staff, but they can bulk up the team without being so boisterous ingame. There have also been a number of unannounced hotfixes without patch notes over the weekend. Since known issues have gone unfixed, it’s reasonable to assume they’re closing loopholes.

You can expect to start seeing our GMs on servers later today to put the hurt on any scumbag aimbotters.

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