Sony Has “High Hopes” that PS4 Will Have a Longer Life Cycle than PS3, Unsure if it’ll Beat PS2

Sony Has “High Hopes” that PS4 Will Have a Longer Life Cycle than PS3, Unsure if it’ll Beat PS2

If you’re wondering how long the PS4 will manage to last on the market, Sony Computer Entertainment is considering the same question. During the Investor Relations Day being held in Tokyo Sony Computer Entertainment President Andrew House gave an explicitly conservative estimate:

In terms of the console life cycle of the platform, I think it’s extremely hard to judge in the first year on the platform, as to whether this will be smaller, bigger or in line with previous life cycles. What I can say is that all of the early indicators have been extremely good. I’m sure you’ve seen yourself that sales of PlayStation 4 in its first year on the market are significantly autpacing those of PlayStation 2.

That being said, again in the spirit of taking a conservative and reasonable view of our business outlook, we are very conscious of the fact that in contrast to say, the PlayStation 2 lifecycle, consumers are now faced with a panoply of different choices and devices on which they can play games. We have to feel that that will have some impact on the life cycle overall.

Again. Not giving hard numbers, but the best guidance that I think I can offer based on the landscape that we see right now, is that we have high hopes that the PlayStation 4 will exceed the overall life cycle of PlayStation 3. It remains a significant question mark as to whether this will approach or exceed that of PlayStation 2.

It’ll be interesting to see if PS4 will really manage to outlive its older sisters, especially the PS2, which can easily be considered the most successful console created by Sony. If I was a betting man… Scratch that. I’m not a betting man.