Sony Honcho on PS4: “Look Forward to a Large Number of Games;” Talks Development and Marketing

Sony Honcho on PS4: “Look Forward to a Large Number of Games;” Talks Development and Marketing

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia President Hiroshi Kawano is very confident on the future of the PS4, and is seeing quite a few things change from the era of the PS3, as he explained during an interview on Nikkei Trendy.

According to Kawano-san developers that express the desire to make a game for PS4 are increasing in number, but ultimately whether to put resources on developing for PS4 or not is a business decision for each company. That said, since making games for the PS4 is much easier than for PS3, we have a situation where it’s easier for managers to greenlight projects.

Sony Computer Entertainment wants to attract new developers to the PS4, and help Japanese and Asian developers debut on a worldwide stage. To that end support for indie developers is also being strengthened.

Kawano-san also mentioned that until now the game business always had thin profit margins for Sony, but after November 15th the number of PS Plus subscribers has doubled in the United States in a short period, and similar numbers have been achieved in other countries where the PS4 was launched.

That provides a straight revenue source and increases stable earnings, bringing a change in the business model for the company.

The marketing for the console has also changed, and instead of just looking for new customers, retention has gained importance, and Sony is also focusing on keeping existing customers active. This also increases the effect of word of mouth and creates new PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Kawano-san concluded by saying that while overseas developers moved first in developing for the PS4, Japanese developers are now focusing on producing PS4 titles quickly, including Sony itself.

I think you can look forward to the release of a large number of interesting games.

We’ll have to wait and see what results the shift in business model will bring for the PS4, but hearing Kawano-san talking about helping Japanese developers debut on the worldwide market is definitely encouraging.