Sony Is Apparently Working on an Xbox Elite-Style DualSense for PS5

A recent report from a credible leaker suggest that Sony has something up its sleeve for pro PS5 players!

June 16, 2022

Sony is reportedly trying to produce its own customizable DualSense controllers for PS5 rather than letting the third-party companies to get all shares of the market in this niche area.

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Unlike Microsoft that has had its own pro version of Xbox controller, Elite, in the past years, Sony usually didn’t use to enter this area of the market, which mostly forced pro PlayStation gamers to get their Elite-style controllers for PS4 or PS5 from third-party hardware producers such as SCUF Gaming.

However, it seems things are about to change as a recent leak from a trustworthy source claims that Sony is working on its own version of customizable controller for PS5, which might be revealed soon.


New DualSense for PS5 Could Feature Removable Sticks and Grip As Well As Rear Paddles

Tom Henderson, one of the industry insiders with a good record of trustworthy leaks, recently shared a tweet claiming that Sony is about to announce a PS5 “Pro” controller with some unique features and customization options.

According to Henderson, the controller will feature removable sticks, back-side paddles, and trigger stops. Unfortunately, he didn’t shared any images of this under-development hardware as he claims he needs to keep his source anonymous.

The controller is said to feature a removable grip as well, which will help you hold it tight and easy on your hand. No information regarding the official price or announcement date of this new DualSense was shared by the leaker, but he claims that it might a part of a possible showcase by PlayStation in the coming weeks.

The original DualSense currently costs $70, while SCUF Gaming’s Reflex DualSense controllers are priced at $200, which has some higher-tier versions for higher prices as well. On the other hand, Xbox’s Elite 2 controllers cost around $180. So, this could probably give you an idea on how much a DualSense Pro could cost if the leak turns out to be true.

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