Sony Japan Studio - A Look Back at The Developer's Best Games

Sony Japan Studio is no longer - let's take a look at its best work.

It’s a sad day in the world of PlayStation. Following a mediocre PlayStation State of Play, VGC broke the news that one of PlayStation’s oldest development houses, Sony Japan Studio would be shutting down – with the bulk of the former staff being absorbed by Team ASOBI, developers of Astrobot.

The studio played its part in developing and co-developing some of Sony’s most iconic titles – let’s take a look at its legacy.

Best Sony Japan Studio Developed Games

The developers are arguably best known for creating four or five core PlayStation franchises. Most recently, Japan Studio was the team responsible for the PS4 launch title Knack and its 2017 sequel.

Aside from the questionable Knack, the studio developed some titles that garnered extremely loyal followings. Two of the PSP’s more iconic titles, LocoRoco and Patapon came out of this studio, alongside PS1 cult-classic Ape Escape and more recently the Gravity Rush series, which itself began life on the PS Vita.

Best Co-developed games

Alongside developing some of Sony’s most recognisable titles, Japan Studio shared its expertise with plenty of other PlayStation studios. Probably the best known of these, Bluepoint Games.

Over the last few years, Bluepoint has been responsible for some staggering remakes on the PS4 and PS5 including Shadow of the Colossus and Demon’s Souls — Japan Studio helped with both of these titles. The studio also helped with the development of the original Demon’s Souls and Shadow of the Colossus, as well as Ico. One of the PS4’s most beloved titles, Bloodborne, was also lent a helping hand by Japan Studio.

Japan Studio’s work dates back all the way to the original PlayStation. As previously reported, the studio created Ape Escape, but its work didn’t stop there – it helped work on classics such as Wild Arms, PaRappa the Rapper and Everybody’s Golf.

What does this mean for Team ASOBI?

It means that an already fantastic team just got even stronger. PS5 launch title, Astro’s Playroom, was lauded by critics and fans alike. The slick and innovative gameplay, coupled with the DualSense’s haptic feedback made the game a delight. Many fans have called for a full-length Astrobot title and with the expertise of Japan Studio, this could be incredible.

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