Sony Laughs at The Last Guardian’s Cancellation Rumor

Sony Laughs at The Last Guardian’s Cancellation Rumor

A few hours ago a few media sources (some citing “internal sources”) pulled out from the wizard’s hat a rumor alleging the cancellation of The Last Guardian.

Apparently the rumor caused a rather peculiar reaction at Sony: Hilarity. SCEA PlayStation Software Product Development Head Scott Rhode shared on Twitter:

@yosp and I laughed at this rumor over dinner. The Last Guardian has NOT been cancelled.

Naughty Dog Creative Director Neil Druckmann wasn’t as amused, especially since his personal reputation has been a made victim of those “internal sources” before.

“Internal sources” strike again!
I wonder if gaming journalists who actually work hard to confirm reports get offended by stuff like this.

Now the only question that remains is: will we finally see that lovely griffon-dragon appear in all its feathery glory at Sony’s press conference tomorrow?