Sony London’s Unannounced PS4 Game to Use Unreal Engine, Will Have High-Quality 3D Environments

Sony London’s Unannounced PS4 Game to Use Unreal Engine, Will Have High-Quality 3D Environments

Sony London Studio is currently working on an unannounced PS4 game, and while the title is shrouded in mystery and details are being kept closely under wraps, career opportunity ads published by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe are adding pieces to the puzzle little by little.

Today the publisher posted another ad seeking a temp Environment Art Contractor, giving another hint on how the environments will look.

Here’s an excerpt from the ad:


Based in the heart of the creative area of Soho, London, we are part of Sony Computer Entertainment’s worldwide development studios. We are currently looking for an experienced and highly motivated Contract Environment Artist to join a small, dynamic game development team working on an exciting next generation PS4 title.

This is a great opportunity for you to join our team of experienced artists and work with us to deliver our next-generation environments.

The Environment Art Contractor role involves:

Creating high-quality 3D environment assets, texturing and lighting to schedule times.

Modelling, shading, texturing in Maya.

High-detail sculpting in ZBrush and the baking-down to in-game process.

– Experience of middleware solutions such as Unreal Engine would be extremely advantageous.


We already knew that the game will involve Vehicles and “next-generation” lighting, and now we hear about the environments, and we can definitely expect good things considering that Maya and ZBrush are between the most advanced tools to create high quality 3D props and backdrops for levels.

Even more interesting is the explicit mention of Unreal Engine. Looks like Sony’s first party studios are starting to make large use of Epic’s middleware, as even Sony Bend is apparently using it for its next title.

While we don’t know what sort of title Sony London is working on yet, we’re getting closer to be able to see a clearer picture. We can only hope to hear something about it at E3.