Sony Loses “Ember” Trademark to Crunchy Games

Sony Loses “Ember” Trademark to Crunchy Games

Back in March San Antonio-based developer Crunchy Games petitioned to the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the “Ember” trademark belonging to Sony Computer Entertainment to be canceled, as the house of PlayStation did not use it in the past five years.

The trademark was originally filed for a PS3 title focused on the use of the PlayStation Eye. Crunchy Games hoped to use the name for its upcoming sci-fi MMO.

On April 30th the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board issued a notice of default to Sony, which was given thirty days to prove that they still had a reason to retain the trademark. Sony failed to provide said evidence, and today the trademark was officially canceled, as you can see in the document at the bottom of the post.

Interestingly enough, Sony filed a second time for the registration of the “Ember” trademark in Europe back in March, hinting to the possibility that the company might still want to do something with it, despite the fact that the original game never saw the light.

The window for opposition for that filing ends on July 25th, and so far Crunchy Games (or anyone else) did not oppose the registration, making it fairly likely that the house of PlayStation will obtain ownership of the mark at least in the Old Continent.

We’ll have to wait and see how this saga will end, but even if Sony might really be interested in finally releasing the game, they might choose a completely different name in order to launch with the same title in both regions.