Sony Might Have Unlocked the PS4’s 7th CPU Core For Developers

Sony Might Have Unlocked the PS4’s 7th CPU Core For Developers

In the past, many developers mentioned that they were allowed to use only six cores of the eight-core CPU of the PS4, with the last two used by the operating system of the console. Yet, Sony Computer Entertainment might have recently and quietly updated the software SDK (Software Development Kit) to enable developers to use the seventh core.

The potential update is revealed by the changelog of the most recent update to the FMOD audio API, spotted by eagle-eyed NeoGAF user DieH@rd.

Firelight Technologies FMOD Studio API
Detailed Revision History

17/11/15 1.07.03 – Studio API patch release (build 69975)


LowLevel API – When using System::recordStart the provided FMOD::Sound can now be any channel count, up/down mixing will be performed as necessary.
LowLevel API – Improved performance of convolution reverb effect when wet is 0 or input goes idle.
LowLevel API – PS4 – Added FMOD_THREAD_CORE6 to allow access to the newly unlocked 7th core.

A similar mention was made in the changelog in January 2015, when Microsoft unlocked the 7th core of the Xbox One’s CPU, allowing developers to use it for their games.

22/01/15 1.05.11 – Studio API patch release


Lowlevel API – Xbox One – Added access to 7th CPU core.

This kind of update isn’t very surprising, as console manufacturers are often very conservative in letting developers use the resources of a console close to its launch, and progressively loosen those restrictions as the machine matures and the operating system and APIs get optimized.

Sony did not release any official announcement about this, and the SDK itself is under NDA, so we should consider this as rumor, and take it with the traditional pinch of salt until an announcement is made. That said, it’s certainly promising.

We reached out to Sony Computer Entertainment for a comment, and hopefully we’ll be able to give you further information on this soon.