Sony Online President Gives Update on H1Z1 Hackers, G29 Errors, Hunger, Zombie Respawn and More

Sony Online President Gives Update on H1Z1 Hackers, G29 Errors, Hunger, Zombie Respawn and More

Sony Online Entertainment had a bit of a rough debut on Steam Early Access, but that’s fairly normal considering that it’s basically a beta (even if a paid one), and President John Smedley has been updating the fans on several of the problems encountered so far on Reddit and Twitter.

First of, the developer is on top of the hackers that are currently plaguing some servers, and they intend to be very firm about them:

This is a situation we are extremely on top of. When we first launch we get a good survey of what people want to do.. we watch them do it, then we ban them into the nether world of scumbaggery they belong in. You’ll be seeing us ban and shut down the few things we see on a regular and very rapid response basis.

What we have is extremely robust in terms of detection and prevention. Now that we started with detection, you’ll be seeing the prevention go nuclear.

Secondly, G29 errors, that have been affecting several players are being addressed:

We’ve fixed all but about 1% of the G29 errors now. If you encounter the G29 error please email – our platform support team will jump in and take a look.

The error has something to do with the link between your Steam and your SOE Station account for H1Z1. For some reason very rarely it seems that the H1Z1 SOE account and the Steam account don’t always agree that you own the product. We query Valve’s API to see if you own it and sometimes we’re getting problems. We will track down the rest of these in short order.. we just need to find a few patterns.

We will fix these for you if you email us.. we can do so manually.

Finally – the main reason we are seeing this issue is people who log in on one station account and then switch to a different one. We lock the station account to your steam account.. so whichever one you do first becomes linked. We do a poor job of telling users this because we thought having it happen in the background and making it seamless would be a better user experience. We’ll probably surface this in some way now.

Again this is all happening to a very small # of users (who have every right to be frustrated). We’ll get it quick

We also got miscellaneous info on what is being currently worked on:

1) Loot – more of it. 2) Hunger / Thirst – slower drain rate. 3) Server frame rates – still an issue and we’re working hard on it. 4) G29 issue – our platform team thinks they have a fix for the rest of these incoming. 5) Numerous battle royale fixes (note we are not deducting tickets right now and won’t tell we’re happy with it).

Patch later in the day / Early evening (sorry for the bad patch times but we feel it’s better to do it fast this first week at the expense of better patching times.. mostly because better patching times means late night and our developers are already pulling 18 hour days.).

There are also news for European players, which are waiting for dedicated servers set in Europe:

Finally, Smedley requested some feedback on the controversial Airdrops system. If you have your own opinion to give, you can do so here:

It would be helpful to us to see a feedback thread that focuses on the change we made versus having the feature at all. We hear the viewpoint that they should not be in the game and respectfully disagree.
So how did this change do? Are they in a good place contention wise and not dropping the guns nearly as often (plus not dropping the AR15 ever)

It’ll be interesting to see where the game will go. There’s a lot of negativity over it from part of the fanbase at the moment, but hopefully Sony Online Entertainment will manage to turn the ship around soon enough.