Sony Only Has One Thing To Say to Fans and Developers in New PlayStation Video

on March 28, 2014 7:00 PM

Sony has one thing to say to developers and fans regarding the PlayStation 4:

“Thank You”

As their video shows below, there’s a ton of facts regarding how amazingly successful the PS4 has been, and Sony is given thanks to everyone who made it happen: the six million consumers from over 57 countries who bought 13.7 games at retail or via download worldwide; and the 1000 developers licensed to self-publish worldwide, 200 of which come from North America and have been licensed since the PS4 was unveiled in February of last year. From these fans and these games have also come 56 million spectating sessions and 100 million shares captured, and from these developers will come more than 100 games launching this year in 2014 for the PS4.

That’s pretty damn good stats, especially for a console that’s hasn’t even been out for half a year. So for all the PlayStation Faithful, enjoy your consoles and the new games coming to them soon! And to all of the marvelous developers who make the games we love: keep making more!


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