Sony Pitches Western Games to Japanese Gamers

Sony Pitches Western Games to Japanese Gamers

At the beginning of the month the Japanese branch of  Sony published a site teasing the World Game Project, that prompted speculation on a possible attempt to raise awareness about western games between Japanese gamers.

Today the initiative has been revealed and the website has been updated. Turns out we were right.

The World Game Project, spearheaded by a mysterious spokesman named Mr. Murata is slated to kick-off with the WGP Fes Vol.1 (“Fes” is a Japanese way to abbreviate “festival” for the ones wondering) to be held at the Akihabara85 (a rather well known club in the Japanese gaming/anime mecca of Akihabara) on July the 23rd.

The event will feature playable sessions of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Infamous 2, Resistance 3 and Shadow of The Damned, that’s still a Japanese game, despite being published by Electronic Arts.

The “Vol.1” in the name of the event seems to hint to the fact that more similar events will follow.

The World Game Project comes to no surprise, considering that Western Gamers aren’t exactly the most popular in Japan and Sony’s most successful first party studios are in the West. Though it’s rather interesting to see Sony trying to steal Microsoft’s role as an “ambassador” for western gaming in Japan.

In any case, any initiative to bridge the cultural differences between Western and Japanese gamers deserves attention. Now, can we have something similar that works the other way around, Sony?