Sony Will “Aggressively Invest” in PlayStation Business, First Party Games and New Hardware in 2015 (UPDATED)

Sony Will “Aggressively Invest” in PlayStation Business, First Party Games and New Hardware in 2015 (UPDATED)

During Sony’s financial conference call for Japanese investors and analysts, Chief Financial Officer Kenichiro Yoshida explained that the slightly lower operating income forecast for the Game & Network Services segment for fiscal year 2015 compared to fiscal year 2014 is partly due to the intention to “aggressively invest” in the business.

As done in the past fiscal year, Sony views Fiscal Year 2015 as an investment year in which it’ll “grow the PlayStation Network into an entertainment network service platform with a meaningful presence.”

Network services were mentioned as having reached 65 million active users, while PlayStation Plus subscribers “currently exceed 10 million.”

The company plans to invest in expanding users figures by increasing the installed base of PS4 by as many units as possible, and then increasing the subscribers of PlayStation Plus further.

In addition to that, Sony will invest in first party software development, original entertainment content and PS Vue. Further investment will go into developing new hardware like Project Morpheus.

Later in the presentation, Yoshida-san explained that among the investment to increase the number of subscribers, to expand content and services and in new hardware “there are some projects to be announced from now on.”

No indication was provided about what those projects could be, but that’s certainly intriguing.

Update: during the following conference call for overseas investors and analysts, Yoshida-san gave more information on this, mentioning that the investment in research and development for the game segment in fiscal year 2014 was 89 billion yen, and Sony is expecting a “double digit expansion” of that number for both hardware and software in fiscal year 2015.