Sony’s Shawn Layden Confirms No PlayStation Experience in 2018

Sony’s Shawn Layden Confirms No PlayStation Experience in 2018

After months of speculation, Sony will indeed not be holding PlayStation Experience to cap off 2018.

There have been questions circling for months now on whether or not Sony would opt to hold PlayStation Experience, the fan convention typically taking place every December, in 2018. As we have continued to near the end of the year though, Sony has still been absolutely silent on whether or not the event would still be happening.

That has all changed today when Sony’s Chairman of SIE Worldwide Studios Shawn Layden confirmed that PlayStation Experience will indeed not be happing in 2018. This confirmation occurred on this week’s episode of the PlayStation Blogcast, the official podcast of the PlayStation Blog, where Layden was sad to make the announcement and said he knows it will upset many fans.

Layden seemed to explain that due to 2019 not having an expansive lineup of exclusives other than that of Days Gone and Dreams, Sony decided it wouldn’t be worth it to host the event this year. He said that rather than raise expectations of fans high by holding the event, they opted to just not have it altogether.

It’s worth noting that Sony still has other games lined up such as Ghost of Tsushima, Death Standing, and The Last of Us Part II but clearly none of these titles would have much to show or talk about at the event. Assuming Sony attends Paris Games Week once again this year, though, there’s still a chance we’ll learn more about the upcoming first-party lineup before the end of the year.

PlayStation Experience is a great event and is one of my personal favorite conventions that I’ve attended over the years. Even though it’ll be skipping out in 2018, hopefully, we see its return down the road.