Sony PlayStation Move – Anton Mikhailov Interview

on March 24, 2010 4:57 PM

Sony PlayStation Move - Anton Mikhailov Interview

At the PlayStation Move event yesterday here in NYC, we were exposed to some nifty things – first hand – that the new PS3 peripheral is able to do. And, yes, it does everything that Sony promised it will do at last year’s E3. However, I won’t go too much into that just yet. You’ll have to wait a bit until I finish the event coverage, which will be up tonight.

Our Deputy Editor Joel Taveras was fortunate enough to shoot the <blank> with one of the PlayStation Move’s engineers and satisfy some questions he had looming in his head during the event.. To give you a better idea of who I’m talking about, just try to recall last year’s E3. Remember that young-looking nerdy guy that was showing off the Move on stage during the unveiling? Yea, that awesome dude. His name is Anton Mikhailov, and he is part of the engineering team behind the PlayStation Move’s technology that makes the upcoming wireless controller, in so many words, sexy.

Check out Joel getting his interview on with Anton after the jump. You might be a bit bewildered regarding the technology behind the PlayStation Move. And you might also be wondering why the hell is that thing shaped like a kinky sex toy, but no worries – I will have all those answers for you and some with the coverage piece. Below you’ll see Joel sweat bullets and gleefully talk to Anton as the man behind the controller gets some answers in regarding one of the most anticipated devices hitting this Fall. Enjoy the interview!

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