Sony: PS Vita “Not The Biggest Seller” but “Very Much Loved and Respected”, “Brilliant Companion to PS4”

Sony: PS Vita “Not The Biggest Seller” but “Very Much Loved and Respected”, “Brilliant Companion to PS4”

While it’s no mystery that the PS Vita hasn’t sold like hotcakes so far, Sony Computer Entertainment UK Managing Director Fergal Gara is confident that the portable console has still a lot to say, not only on its own, but also as a companion for the PS 4 via remote play, as he told DigitalSpy in an interview today.

It’s important on both levels. It’s not the biggest seller we’ve ever had, but it is still a very much loved and much respected machine.

It’s now far more keenly priced, it’s becoming more of a digital machine in terms of more and more rich digital content becoming available for the machine, and most importantly, it becomes a very strong companion for PS4.

We believe that feature is very compelling; it doesn’t matter what we think, it matters what gamers think, and as of tonight they get a chance to try it and give us their feedback, and we’re hopeful that feedback will be good and therefore it has a dual life from here on in, both as a standalone, very effective gaming machine and as a brilliant companion to PS4.

Gara also mentioned a possible future launch of the PS Vita TV on the western market, but he kept it vague and didn’t give any compelling detail.

There’s no plans to announce just yet, but obviously it’s great to have those innovations in the group, and great to be able to see how they perform in Japan and take any learnings and test the relevance in other markets further down the line.

Personally, I love my Vita, and I always did since its release, PS4 or not. That said, it’s hard not to admit that the remote play feature adds a very compelling selling point for those that aren’t as easily charmed as I am by that big and lovely OLED screen.