Sony Rumored to Discontinue Manufacturing Some PS4 Models

Sony Rumored to Discontinue Manufacturing Some PS4 Models

If you want a PS4, better get one now before Sony officially stops making them.

Less than two months after the launch of the PlayStation 5, Sony is possibly beginning to discontinue the production of some PS4 consoles.

Sony has not confirmed whether or not some models of its PS4 will cease production yet. However, a tweet from a Japanese Twitter user shows a storefront filled with notices that some PS4 models would no longer be available. Specifically, the picture claims that the 500 GB glacier white PS4, 1 TB jet black and glacier white PS4, 2 TB jet black PS4, and finally the 1TB glacier white PS4 Pro are ceasing production. However, without confirmation from Sony, it’s impossible to say whether or not some PS4 models will stop being made.

Hopefully, PS4 production won’t discontinue any time soon. The PS5 is still in incredibly high demand, and due to multiple retailers not having any stock of the console, it doesn’t seem like its supply has risen. Shortly after the console’s release (and disappearance from store and digital shelves), a tweet from PlayStation’s account confirmed that retailers would be receiving more consoles. However, any restocks in the time since have quickly sold out.

It has been made clear that Sony intends to cease production of the PS4 sometime soon. PlayStation Direct, a site set up by Sony to sell PlayStation products in the US, has listed both the base PS4 and the PS4 Pro as sold out. The consoles are available through other retailers, possibly signaling that Sony intends to focus entirely on pushing consumers towards its PS5.