Sony Releases New PS4 and PSVR Sales Data at CES 2020

Sony Releases New PS4 and PSVR Sales Data at CES 2020

A new infographic was provided with the latest PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR sales figures at Sony's CES 2020 press conference today.

During CES 2020, Sony showed an infographic featuring new sales data for PlayStation-related hardware and services. This puts PS4 sales at 106 million, up about 3 million units from late 2019, according to Sony’s official figures. Additionally, PSVR sales have increased by roughly a million units in the last year and now sits at 5 million.  The total number of PC VR headsets assumed to be in the wild is comparable to this, so Sony is holding steady on that front.

How does this mean PS4 is doing compared to its peers? Well, 106 million console sales put it significantly ahead of estimated figures for the Xbox One, with roughly double the total units sold. That data is similar for Switch units, though Nintendo’s plucky console is much younger by contrast. It also thoroughly cements the PS4 sales ahead of the original PlayStation, locking in second place for best home console sales of all time. The PS4 still needs to ship quite a few more units to topple the greatest selling PS2, which sits at 155 million units sold. Other handhelds also dominate the higher spots, but it’s still not a bad place to find yourself in during a console generation.

Yes, I’m a numbers geek.

What’s also interesting to consider is that 1.15 billion PS4 games have been sold. That’s a pretty substantial figure that dwarfs available Nintendo Switch data. It could also suggest that PS4 owners are buying a lot more individual games per console. Given the size of my personal PS4 library… I don’t find that hard to believe.

As for the 38.8 million PS Plus subscriber count, that’s perhaps the only area that is lagging behind the competition for Sony. The last official figures for Xbox Live subscribers show them at almost double that. The success of the Xbox Game Pass has probably only swelled that number, despite Microsoft no longer posting their own figures. I can imagine this is something Sony will want to address coming into the next console generation if they hope to compete with that service.

Speaking of which: there was also a brief mention of the PlayStation 5, including a few features of the hardware and a new PS5 logo. Despite hints and speculation that this might occur today, the console design itself was not revealed. That covers all the gaming-related news from Sony at CES this year, though DualShockers will be sure to keep you updated the moment something new drops!