Sony Has Now Shipped Over 86 Million PS4 Units Lifetime

Sony Has Now Shipped Over 86 Million PS4 Units Lifetime

Sony has now passed the 85 million mark in terms of PS4 units sold-through to retailers and in the process has increased their estimates for the remainder of the fiscal year.

Sony has today released their company-wide financials for Q2 of fiscal year 2018 and in the process have revealed the sales numbers for the PS4 over that same period of time.

According to the report, Sony sold 3.9 million PS4 consoles through to retailers by the end of the second quarter, which concluded on September 30. Combining this number with the previously given number of 82.2 million at the end of Q1, we can now learn that the PS4 has now surpassed the 85 million units shipped mile marker, with the number now sitting at 86.1 million. It’s worth noting that this figure also takes into account both the PS4 and PS4 Pro. Sony continues to chug along at a steady pace with PS4 shipments, even though this quarter’s numbers are lower than that of Q2 in 2017.

As for the remainder of the FY2018, Sony has updated the estimates of what they expect their gaming division to bring in. Compared to the end of Q1, shipping estimates for the PS4 have now risen from 17 million to 17.5 million. Additionally, overall sales for the year are now expected to be 8% higher than previously expected thanks to an increase in software sales and PS Plus subscriptions.

It’s obvious that Sony has had a fantastic year based off of the incredibly strong sales of both God of War and Marvel’s Spider-Man, which surely has led to this readjustment in projections through the end of this fiscal year. With the holiday season coming up, Sony might very well be on pace to surpass 90 million PS4 units shipped by the end of Q3 FY 2018.

You can check out the full chart below to see more of Sony’s quarterly earnings from their gaming sector.