Sony Ranks 12th Between Most Trusted Japanese Companies; Nintendo 279th and More

Sony Ranks 12th Between Most Trusted Japanese Companies; Nintendo 279th and More

The prominent Japanese business publisher Toyo Keizai released today its annual study “Toyo Keizai CSR Companies Ranking,” indicating what are the 700 “most trustworthy” Japanese corporations.

CSR, or Corporate Social Responsibility, indicates a company’s compliance with with the spirit of the law, ethical standards, and international norms, and determines the aim to take responsibility for the its actions and cause a positive impact on the environment, on consumers, on employees and more.

The ranking examines 700 companies and assigns them a score up to 100 for the handling of human resources, up to 100 points for environmental behavior, another 100 for corporate governance and social impact, and up to 300 points for their financial standing.

The financial score is in itself divided between profitability, safety and scale, each of which takes 100 points, even if the breakdown of those wasn’t published.

Between companies working on games, Sony is the first to appear in the list, ranked 12th (even if it loses 8 places since last year), with a total of 545.7 points divided between 98.7 for human resources, 97.1 for environmental behavior, 97.4 for corporate governance and social and 252.5 for the financial aspect.

The second ranked video game company is Sega, in 221st place (it was 177th last year). It was awarded 457.7 points: 56.6 for human resources, 73.9 for environmental behavior, 73.2 for corporate governance and social and 254 for finances.

Just a bit under Sega comes Nintendo, ranked 279th (down from 207th) and scoring 438.7 points split between 71.1 for human resources, 53.6 for environmental behavior, 66.0 for corporate governance  and social and 248 for finances.

Finally comes Bandai Namco in 310th place (was 304th last year) with 429.9 points. It was awarded 69.7 points for human resources, 55.1 for environmental behavior, 62.7 for corporate governance and social 242.4 for the financial aspect.

It’s interesting to see that all the game companies listed come very close with each other in their financial scores, with Sega actually inching slightly over Sony, but the house of PlayStation gets a near perfect score for basically everything else, showing that according to the Toyo Keizai analysts its social impact is very positive. That’s definitely something to be proud of.