Sony Releases First Official Image from the Monster Hunter Movie

Sony Releases First Official Image from the Monster Hunter Movie

As it is currently being filmed, the first picture from the Monster Hunter film has now been revealed to the public.

We’ve been hearing quite a bit about this upcoming Monster Hunter movie that is currently shooting for quite some time now but today, we’ve finally received our first official still image from the film.

Sony released the image via Twitter earlier today and in it, we see actors Milla Jovovich and Tony Jaa running across what seems to be a desert. Jaa’s character, known as the Hunter, is also wielding the Giant Jawblade, the iconic weapon from this year’s release of Monster Hunter World.

In addition to this image, other details surrounding the movie has also recently come out and have stated that the film will still contain many of the characters and monsters that are seen in the video game series. The film’s director Paul W.S. Anderson has said that he’s a fan of the franchise as well, so hopefully, this means he will treat it with care. Judging from this first image that we’ve seen alone, it’s hard to know how this could turn out, but the track record of video game films isn’t stellar by any means.

So what do you think? Is this movie going to turn out to be even decent or will it be yet another failed video game adaptation on the big screen? Let me know down in the comments.