Sony Releases Official PlayStation Vita TV FAQ With Lots of Questions Answered

on November 8, 2013 5:51 PM

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia just released an extensive FAQ for the PlayStation Vita TV, answering a lot of common, and some not so common questions about the upcoming hardware.

Of course the FAQ is fully in Japanese, as the PS Vita still doesn’t have a western release date, but since many are hungry for more information on the lovely little device that Sony is so cruelly keeping away from our greedy western hands, I included a full translation below.

Q: Do I need the PlayStation Vita to play with the PlayStation Vita TV?

A: You don’t need the PlayStation Vita to play with the PlayStation Vita TV, however there are a few things you do need.

  • Monitor or TV – HDMI Input required.
  • Wireless Controller DualShock 3.
  • Internet connection is necessary to use various kinds of content and video services and some games.

Q: Can I use it without an internet connection?

A: Yes, However, in order to fully enjoy the varied content of PS Vita TV it’s recommended to connect to the internet.

Internet connectivity is required for:

  • Some of the games may require an internet connection to update from the LiveArea.
  • Using various video services and internet services, like SNS.
  • System software updates expanding the features of the PS Vita TV.

PS Vita TV can connect to the internet via LAN cable or wireless. Wi-Fi is compatible with IEEE802.11b/g/n.

You can play games on the PS Vita TV with a game card without an internet connection. The PS Vita TV will start even if not connected to the internet, you can insert the game card in the slot of the console and play.

Q: It’s possible to save data on the PS Vita TV?

A: Since the PS Vita TV is equipped with a built-in 1 GB memory card, it’s possible to save game data, applications and content. If you want to save more than 1 GB of data, a memory card (sold separately) is required.

If you want to save data on the optional memory card, you have to switch the storage location from the built-in one. If there’s data in the built-in memory card you can also copy it to the optional memory card.

Q: How can my PS Vita and PS Vita TV interact?

A: If you have a PS Vita, when you return home you can continue playing on the PS Vita TV the same game you were enjoying on the go.  This is limited to the games supported by the PS Vita TV for which you share the data, using the same SEN account.

If you have a PS Vita, you can register the PS Vita TV to the same SEN account and sign in. It’s recommended that you use the same memory cards that you have been using as well.

By using the same memory card you have been using on the PS Vita in your PS Vita TV, you can continue playing the game seamlessly.

If you have PlayStation Plus and use the cloud saving service for your game data, sharing it between your PS Vita and PS Vita TV will be easier.

When you’re done playing on the PS Vita you can select the Plus icon on the Live Area to back up your save data to the online storage. If you download the save data on your PS Vita TV, you can continue playing immediately upon returning home without replacing the memory card.

It’s necessary to download and install the same game on both consoles in advance if you use downloaded games. It’s also necessary to download and install the same DLC data on both consoles to take advantage of it.

Q: Is it possible to get together with friends that have a PS Vita and play in multiplayer?

A: Yes, you can. The PS Vita TV is capable of ad hoc communication with both PS Vita and PSP for multiplayer.

With the PSP this works only with PSP Games that already support ad hoc multiplayer with PS Vita.

Q: Is it possible to use the games you were playing on PS Vita on PS Vita TV once you saved the data on memory card?

A: Yes you can, however there’s some content that is not compatible, so you need to be careful that the content is suitable to be played on PS Vita TV.

Please check this web site for a list of PS Vita games compatible with PS Vita TV. Please note that there are some that are not supported.

Some games may require an update downloaded via network connection on the Live Area to work with PS Vita TV. Also, in some games there may be some features that are not supported.

Trophy data and save data can be shared for games you download from the PlayStaton Store. By registering PS Vita TV and PS Vita to the same SEN account you can use the same game cards and memory card.

Once you register the PS Vita TV and PS Vita to the same SEN account, please share your data by signing in. Game cards and memory card can then be used seamlessly. Trophy data will also carry over.

Q: What’s the output resolution to the TV?

A: Please use the 480p, 720p or 1080i options to match the PS Vita TV to the resolution of your TV. Video playback resolution may differ depending on the video distribution service.

By default the output resolution is set on “Auto.” Since the original PlayStation classics games aren’t compatible with 1080i, 720p has priority in this setting if the TV supports 720p.

By selecting “settings” and “sound and display” and then selecting 1080i, the PS Vita can output in 1080i if the TV supports it.

Q: How do I watch the video on demand?

A: You need to download the application for each service from the PS Store and follow the instructions for each of them. We offer a variety of video services:


Depending on the content you watch some age restrictions can apply. Depending on the service, a dedicated account may be required. Video delivery start time depends on the service you use.

Q: Can I Use NASNE or TORNE with the PS Vita TV?

A: NASNE is supported. By connecting it and your PS Vita TV to the same network you’ll be able to watch and record broadcasted TV programs. To view recordings of TV broadcasts using NASNE on the PS Vita TV, the TORNE application for the PS Vita TV is required, you can download it from the PSN Store.

Please note that the PS3 exclusive TORNE digital recording kit isn’t available on the PS Vita TV.

Q: How do I operate the flick and touch features of PS Vita games?

A: Please use the touch pointer feature.

Pressing and holding the PS button on the DualShock 3, the menu appears. Please check “Use the touch pointer.” This is available only for games that support it.

The front screen touch pointer appears when you press the L3 button. By pressing circle or L2 you activate the touch. The back touchpad pointer appears when you press the R3 button. By pressing circle or L3 you activate the touch. If you press L3 and R2 at the same time you will see the front and rear touch pointers overlap. You can split them by moving the sticks and touch both virtual panels at the same time. By pressing L3 or R3 again, or the X button, you turn off the touch pointers.

Q: Is there a difference in features between PS Vita and PS Vita TV? What is the difference?

A: The main differences are as follows:

● The PS Vita does not have the following applications:

  • Near
  • Map
  • Welcome Park
  • Remote play with PS3

● The shooting function of the Photo application is not available, as the PS Vita TV does not have a camera.

● To use the voice chat function of the Party feature, you will need a bluetooth headset, sold separately, as the PS Vita TV does not have a microphone.

● In addition to the Wi-fi, the PS Vita TV is equipped with an Ethernet port, so wired network connection is possible.

● PS Vita TV will output video and audio by connecting it to a TV via a HDMI cable.

● The PS Vita TV is controlled via a DualShock 3 wireless controller. The method of operation for touch controls of the PS Vita is different.

● The compatible titles are different and some are not supported by PS Vita TV. You can check the list of compatible titles.

Q: Is it possible to play immediately just by buying PS Vita TV?

A: In order to play with the PS Vita TV a HDMI compatible monitor or TV and a DualShock 3 wireless controller are required.

Of you already have the DualShock 3 you can buy the VTE-1000 AB01 PS Vita TV, connect to a TV via the included HDMI cable and play immediately. Otherwise, we offer an affordable DualShock 3 included in the “Value Pack” (VTE-1000 AA01).

Product line-up (at the time of release):
● PS Vita TV (VTE-1000 AB01)
● PS Vita TV Value Pack (VTE-1000 AA01)

Q: Is it possible to control the PS Vita TV even with other devices that aren’t the DualShock 3?

A: You can operate the console with the following devices, even if some titles may not be compatible.

● BD remote control (sold separately) (CECH-ZRC1J). It is necessary to set up the PS Vita TV by operating the DualShock 3 when you use it for the first time.

● Remote controls featuring Sony’s “Bravialink” for HDMI equipment control via the CEC standard. In some case the operation may be possible via third party remote controls that support the CEC standard, but compatibility isn’t guaranteed.

Q: Can I play even without a memory card?

A: You can play even without a memory card (sold separately) just like with the new PCH-2000 PS Vita, as they both include 1 GB of built-in storage. However, if you want to download large content, it’s recommended that you purchase a separate memory card.

Q: Can I play games even without a network connection?

A: You can enjoy titles purchased at retail just by inserting the game card in the PS Vita TV. In order to play or download particular games you may need to update them via network connection. A network connection is required for services such as SNS, video and internet browsing. By having an internet connection it’s possible to enjoy the full range of entertainment services offered by PS Vita TV.

Q: Can I use the same memory card and game cards I use on my PS Vita with my PS Vita TV?

A: PS Vita game cards can be used seamlessly by inserting them in the slot of the side of the PS Vita TV’s body.

You need to have the PS Vita TV registered on the same SEN account as the PS Vita in order to enjoy trophies and the same save data. If you use to use the PS Vita TV with a different account from that of the PS Vita, formatting the PS Vita card is required in order to achieve the trophies if the save data is stored on the game card. You don’t need to format the game card to gain trophies if the save data is stored on the memory card.

Also, it’s possible to use the memory card as is, however, in order to enjoy both the PS Vita and PS Vita TV at the same time, it’s necessary to register them both to the same SEN account.

Q: Can I use the same save data I was using on my PS Vita with my PS Vita TV?

A: You can, but you’ll have to register them both to the same SEN account.

Q: How do I backup my save data?

A: There are two ways to back up your save data:

  • Copy your save data and application data to a PC or NASNE using the “content management.”
  • Copy the save data to the cloud storage. A PS Plus account is required for this.

Q: The original PS Vita had touch and flick controls on the screen. How do I operate them with the PS Vita TV?

A: The PS Vita supports a “touch pointer” feature. You can set it by holding the PS button and checking “Use the Touch Pointer” on the menu. Once set, pressing L3 and R3 will display the pointers in the shape of fingers and you can operate them.

Q: What are the peripherals compatible with PS Vita TV?

A: At launch the PS Vita TV will mainly be compatible with the following:

  • PS Vita Memory Card
  • DualShock 3 Wireless controller (CECH-ZC2J)
  • Sixaxis Wireless controller (CECH-ZC1J)
  • BD Remote Controller (CECH-ZRC1J)

Connection to other Bluetooth devices like headsets, speakers and keyboards is possible, however it’s not guaranteed.

Q: Do I need a SEN account in order to use the video streaming services?

A: You need to download the application of each video service from the PlayStation Store, and for that a SEN account is necessary. Also, a SEN account is necessary when browsing the video store.


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