Sony Reveals New Cloud-Based TV Streaming Service, PlayStation Vue

Sony Reveals New Cloud-Based TV Streaming Service, PlayStation Vue

Streaming through Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and other online video services has changed how many people watch television and movies, and now Sony is joining alongside some of this heavy competition with a streaming service of its own.

Sony announced today its new streaming platform, PlayStation Vue, which will provide cloud-based movie and TV-streaming services to a variety of devices, with Vue set to debut on PS4 and PS3 first before appearing on other Sony devices and non-Sony devices, such as iPad.

PlayStation Vue’s primary role will be providing live TC and on-demand programming without a cable or satellite TV subscription, with the program storing several days worth of popular television shows and content without needing to schedule or make recordings, and instead offering on-demand viewing of various shows and programs. Viewers will also be able to store episodes of their favorite shows to the cloud for later viewing, retaining access to that specific episode for up to 28 days since its initial airing.

Sony details that Vue will launch with “around 75 channels per market,” and include series and programming from partners such as Fox, Discovery Communications, CBS, Viacom, and many others that are still in “active discussions” with Sony.

Prices and subscription costs for Vue were not revealed in the initial announcement of Vue, but Sony did assure that it will be offered on a monthly basis, and also detailing that there were will be no contracts or cancellation penalty costs with subscriptions for Vue.

PlayStation Vue will be getting a closed beta period in November “for select PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 owners,” and service for the program will roll out in major US cities, starting in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles, and to expand service in the coming months.