Sony, Rockstar Stumped by Overheating Issues

on May 21, 2011 2:00 PM

Sony, Rockstar Stumped by Overheating Issues

If you haven’t been following this little exchange, let me bring you up to speed: Recently, many players of Rockstar’s latest L.A. Noire have been complaining that their PlayStation 3 appears to be working overtime keeping its temerature down when playing the game. Either that, or simply shutting off due to heat. So many, in fact, that Rockstar responded to the problem, claiming it to be an issue with Sony’s recent firmware update 3.61.

However, just yesterday Rockstar and Sony released a joint statement claiming that the problem is not the result of the firmware update, nor is it an issue related to L.A. Noire. Puzzling, since hardware and software are basically the only two possible sources of the problem. That is, unless Sony and Rockstar are going to come out and just blame the users, claiming that everyone playing L.A. Noire is also wrapping blankets around their consoles while they play.

They write that they are “both committed to working hard to find solutions to this and any issues that may arise.” Basically, they have no idea what’s going on, so sit tight. Cross your fingers it’s not another hack.

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