Sony Santa Monica: “The Player Experience Matters Most;” Ramps up for PS4 with 5% Staff Increase

Sony Santa Monica: “The Player Experience Matters Most;” Ramps up for PS4 with 5% Staff Increase

The folks at Sony Santa Monica Studio have been very tight lipped on what the studio is working on, but Sony executives have strongly hinted to the fact that the critically acclaimed developer is working on one or more PS4 games.

With the opening of the new website the studio published an interesting summary of its development and work philosophy, that you can read below:

The Player Experience Matters Most.
At Sony Santa Monica, our players come first in every decision we make.

Creativity Rules – Great Ideas Can Come from Anyone.
Whether it’s an internal project (God of War) driven by our star in-house development team, or an exciting outside project (The Order, Sound Shapes, Journey to name a few) mentored by our external development team, our process is built around creativity from the ground up.

The Team Is Everything. Quality is in Our Hands.
Composed of diverse, ambitious, and highly collaborative creatives, we never fear changing course and achieve these goals as a team. We empower and trust, and succeed together.

The new website also gives us a rather clear overview on how the studio is preparing for new challenges and PS4 development. Of course the first step is by hiring new staff. At the moment there are twelve different positions open, several of which published just today. That sums up to roughly 5% of the currently known staff, which amounts to “over 200” employees.

While we still don’t have a precise idea of what the studio is working on, we know that the gears are grinding in Santa Monica, and new gears will soon be part of the well oiled machine.

We’ll keep you posted on any official announcement coming from Sony Computer Entertainment and its Santa Monica studio. Hopefully the opening of the new website is a sign that the wait is almost over.