Sony Santa Monica Studio Shows Off Their New Logo

By Fabian Ortiz

July 22, 2014

Sony Santa Monica Studio is known well for having their hand in the creation of tons of beloved games. The studio that brought us God of War is changing their face, and not in the same way that Kratos did to Hercules in God of War 3.

The studio recently relocated to a new creative studio, and with that comes all new branding and ambitions. The new logo which you can see below serves as a sort of refreshing reminder that things are always changing in the gaming world.

Our new logo, with its bold, simple structure can become a frame to the world of our games, filled with elements of the game such as key colors, textures, game content and screenshots. When you see the new animated logo boot up with our next external dev games such as Fat Princess: Piece of Cake and Hohokum, you’ll further understand how we crafted a mark that allows our games to visually become part of the brand.

The high hopes from fans for  the studio are met with the excitement of the staff of the studio and their burning ambition to create the experiences that gamers love most.

As you look upon this new emblem, though subtle the design may be at first glance, one cannot help but be pulled in to the compelling intricacy of its facets – our new logo is a dynamic ‘window’ into our games. The games we create at Santa Monica Studio become the very essence of who we are as a studio, and vice versa. Our games are the studio’s brand, and now our logo exemplifies who we are.

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